Account Management

  1. Electricity invoices are informative and include:

  • Graph showing previous 13 months consumption
  • Graph showing electricity cost of all supply components including Network, Energy, Peak Demand Capacity, Renewable Energy Target, Ancillary Services and Market Fees.
  • Graph showing kW consumption indicating spikes that may become the Network peak charge consumption-including the time and kW of the monthly peak. (Reducing the maximum level of consumption spikes can reduce the Network Charge).
  • Solar production including solar electricity consumed on site and amount exported to the grid. (Exported electricity is credited to the invoice).


  1. Transmission Tariff optimisation check, recommended actions or corrections are automatically actioned by Amanda Energy.


  1. Contract Maximum Demand (CMD) optimisation check. Recommended actions are discussed with the client to encompass analysis of:

  • Was the month typical?
  • Was the CMD over/under optimal level?
  • Future consumption predictions for the remaining term of the CMD
  • Cost benefit of changing the CMD
  • Applications to Western Power for changing the CMD


  1. Individual Reserve Capacity Requirement (IRCR) reporting. (Dropping electricity consumption during periods of potential IRCR Intervals can reduce the Capacity Charge).

Historically IRCR Intervals occur between mid-January and mid-March. Predicting IRCR Intervals is not an exact science as it encompasses aggregated individual consumption, temperature dependant loads in the grid and other factors.


The aim is to “Beat the Peak”- To cover the maximum number of the 12 half hour intervals each summer may require reducing load for 20 or more half hour intervals. The timing of the sea breeze can alter outcomes for the whole SWIS grid at the last minute.

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