Solar Electricity

Financial, environmental & community rewards with Amanda


Here at Amanda Energy, we are committed to helping businesses manage their electricity delivery and consumption, whilst also helping them achieve financial, environmental and community rewards. We do this by encouraging them to consider switching to commercial solar energy in Perth with Amanda Energy.


Let’s Reduce Our Carbon Footprint, One Step at a Time

Switching to solar electricity in Perth is just one of the ways we can band together to help reduce our carbon footprint. The increasing population of WA has led to great demands for the energy industry. Many large energy consumers are choosing to switch to commercial solar energy in Perth, not only for its financial benefits but also for its reduced environmental impact. By minimising your consumption, you are contributing to a more secure and reliable electrical supply for all energy consumers. Each megawatt you save with Amanda solar electricity in WA reduces the chance of black-outs and the need to build another coal fired power station, all of which can cost you and the state millions.


Commercial Solar Power in Perth

Installations for commercial solar energy in Perth offer clear environmental benefits and typically supply 28% of the total electricity for businesses. Solar solutions offered by Amanda are backed up by a comprehensive analysis of your historical power use and show real financial benefits and rewards. Solar Sales, one of our energy saving initiatives, gives a greater financial benefit over time and is often cash positive from day one, including finance for the initial capital outlay. Solar PPA, or power purchase agreements, costs nothing and provides electricity savings from day one.


By installing and using commercial solar in Perth for your business, you will be making both financial and environmental savings whilst also contributing to a more ecological and sustainable environment.


Solar for Business in Perth – A Smart Move

At Amanda, we believe one of the most sustainable energy solutions is solar. Commercial Perth businesses have saved thousands on their energy bills by switching to Amanda. Take the first step towards a better world and contact us today.

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