Solar RLA (Roof Lease Agreement)

Now commercial property owners can enjoy extra income with Amanda solar rooftop leasing.

Amanda Energy is offering commercial property owners an additional income stream by renting building rooftops. To meets its obligation under Australia’s recently revised Renewable Energy Target, Amanda Energy is seeking to lease rooftop space from commercial property owners. Amanda will own and operate the solar power equipment and meet all costs associated with construction, operation and maintenance.


Solar Roof Lease Agreement (RLA)

Amanda Energy rents the roof and farms the sunshine. The ownership, cost of design, installation and maintenance of the solar generator is covered by Amanda Energy for the term of the agreement. Tenants purchase the electricity produced at their standard grid electricity rates.


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This arrangement particularly suits property owners who have one main meter (NMI) with an electricity supply agreement and sub meters for tenants who purchase their electricity from the property owner. Solar electricity consumed at the main meter is divided equitably to the sub meters in the same way as the normal electricity consumption and can be charged to the sub meter at the retail electricity price.


Amanda RLA benefits:
  • Additional rental return from unused roof space
  • Immediate increase in asset value as a result of additional rental income
  • No capital outlay or upfront costs
  • Roof shading and insulation properties
  • Reduced peak demand can mean lower grid electricity costs in the future
  • No expose to risk including maintenance or technology advances
  • Increased NABER and Green Star ratings
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • High visibility green benefit for your brand


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With your consent, Amanda Energy will download your past electricity use and match your consumption profile with the available roof or ground space and the suitability of your electricity switchboard. We can then recommend the size of the solar generator and the expected rental income to the property owner. 


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