Save energy & get paid with the NEW Amanda DSM Program!

How does it work?

The Amanda DSM program is similar to the Government DSM program with more flexibility:

  • Reduce your load and receive Amanda DSM payments. There is no contractual requirement or penalty if the load is not reduced.
  • Participants receive advanced notice of dispatches:
    • The day before: notice will be given that there is the likelihood that a dispatch will be called tomorrow.
    • On the day: a mobile text will be issued approximately 4 hours before the requirement to reduce load
    • On the hour: a reminder text will be issued 30 minutes prior to the dispatch period

Get paid!

Participants who reduce their load when requested are eligible to receive payments.

Participants need to have the ability to reduce electricity consumption as per the Amanda DSM program requirements.

Participation requirements

To be eligible to participate in the Amanda DSM program, a “bundled” electricity supply agreement with Amanda must be in effect. A “bundled” agreement is a standard agreement with a rate for peak and off-peak electricity, and a daily supply charge.

Payment Calculations

The Amanda DSM Program particulars are included in the standard electricity supply agreement. An annex to the agreement defines the amount of payment for the amount of reduced load. Reductions in load less than the specified reduced load will be paid proportionally.

Payments under the Amanda DSM program will be similar to the government scheme, and will be made via a credit on the monthly electricity invoice.

Payments will be based on the reduction of your capacity charge; refer to your tailored Amanda electricity supply agreement proposal for more information concerning this.


As per the government DSM program, the effect of a reduction in load commences on October 1, 2018, based on the reduction of load during the 2017/2018 summer.

Example: Reduction of load this coming summer will produce an Amanda DSM payment starting from October 1, 2018 and continuing until October 1, 2019. The payments continue to roll over, based on the reduction in consumption from the previous summer.

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