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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to some of our frequently asked questions. If you can’t find an answer below please get in touch and we will be more than happy to assist.

Electricity FAQs

Amanda looks at your individual electricity use rather than offer a standard tariff. With your consent, we look at your consumption every 30 minutes for the last four years to design a price structure that gives you the best reward for your consumption profile. Amanda also checks if Solar and the Amanda “Beat the Peak” or “Shave and Save” can give further rewards.

Not always, it is about the lowest total energy spend. The Amanda holistic approach includes median peak loads, the effect of solar systems, the Amanda “Beat the Peak” and “Shave and Save” programs and expand to include power conditioning, contract maximum demand optimisation and other initiatives for savings.

Amanda generates some of its electricity from solar with the rest coming from the Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM) and agreements with other generators.

Yes. The Western Power grid ensures all meters have access to electricity from all generators. Western Power and System Management retains responsibility for the transmission, safety, quality and reliability of your electricity. Western Power does not generate or retail electricity.

If you want to purchase electricity from a retailer other than Synergy, to benefit from Amanda initiatives or to have a commercial solar installation, you must have an ‘interval’ meter, commonly called a ‘smart’ meter, which gives readings every half hour. The customer has the right to request that their old style accumulation meter is changed for an interval meter and this costs a small fee. If your electricity has ever been supplied by a retailer other than Synergy, or you already have a solar system, you will already have an interval meter.

If you consume more than 50,000 kWh/year (approximately $1,250/month) you are a “contestable” customer. Amanda Energy has a licence to supply electricity to contestable customers. Smaller consumers must remain with Synergy.

If you already have a smart (interval) meter fitted there will be absolutely no interruption. To fit a smart meter, Amanda will work with you and Western Power to minimise any inconvenience.

Yes, Amanda Energy can buy any surplus solar electricity you generate through a credit on your monthly account.

The South West Interconnected System (SWIS) is made up of the South West Interconnected Network (SWIN) together with all the electricity generators. Western Power is the operator for the transmission and distribution network. It is often referred to as the Western Power grid.

Western Power retains responsibility for the transmission, distribution, safety, quality and reliability of your electricity. Western Power does not generate or retail electricity.

Industry-funded semi government organisation whose role is to operate and develop the Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM) and the Gas Information Services Project (GISP) in Western Australia. The WEM operates in the SWIS. Their job is to:

  • Ensure there is sufficient capacity to meet demand from WA consumers via the Reserve Capacity Mechanism
  • Facilitate competition between power generators and each power company in Perth and greater WA,
  • Encourage private sector investment in power generation and retailing,
  • Support the development of sustainable technologies.
  • System Management functions.

The cost of supply varies between meters for a few reasons. The historical consumption for that meters effects the future cost of supply for capacity (peak demand) charges and network charges – the amount of electricity consumed and the time of day and the time of year it is consumed also affects the price. Fixed charges such as the distance of the meter from generators and sub stations also vary from meter to meter.

Solar FAQs

There are cheap lower quality panels on the market. Amanda only uses ‘Tier 1’ quality panels.

There is a significant quality difference between inverters. The inverter turns the DC power generated by the solar panels into AC power that you can use while simultaneously synchronising the energy waveform with the electricity from the grid. The inverter is the part of the solar installation that really works hard and can wear out. Some inverters are more efficient in the conversion process than others. Amanda only uses quality inverters from manufacturers with a strong base in Australia who can offer meaningful warranty and maintenance.

A reverse power relay stops excess power produced by your solar panels going back onto the grid, which may not be able to handle the extra power in your area. They also provide an extra layer of electrical safety. They are a sophisticated device and there are no cheap options. For some solar systems over 30kW a reverse power relay must be fitted. Western Power may give approval for export to the grid if the grid can support the exported electricity safely.

The severe hail storm in 2010 caused many insurance claims in the Perth metro area on motor vehicles, but no claims on solar panels. The panels are tested to withstand conditions in countries like Canada with much larger hail storms than we experience.

We all work towards better sustainable energy solutions. Right now solar panels offer a 10 or 12 year structural warranty, a 25 year performance guarantee and after 20 years the performance is still expected to be 82% of the original rating. The savings offered are real, right now, in today’s money with today’s technology. If in doubt, opt for our Solar PPA option where Amanda outlays the capital, takes the risk and simply supplies you with solar electricity significantly cheaper than your grid electricity.

Yes, Amanda Energy can buy any surplus solar electricity you generate through a credit on your monthly account.

Demand Side Management (Beat the Peak and Shave and Save)

The Amanda DSM program is similar to the Government DSM program with more flexibility:

  • Reduce your load and receive Amanda DSM payments or reduced pass through of costs. There is no contractual requirement or penalty if the load is not reduced.
  • Participants receive advanced notice of dispatches:
    • The day before: notice will be given that there is the likelihood that a dispatch will be called tomorrow.
    • On the day: a mobile text will be issued approximately 4 hours before the requirement to reduce load
    • On the hour: a reminder text will be issued 30 minutes prior to the dispatch period

To be eligible to participate in either program, an electricity supply agreement with Amanda must be in effect.

For Beat the Peak, credits are applied to your electricity bill. For Shave and Save, there is a reduction in pass-through costs.

As per the government DSM program, the effect of a reduction in load commences on October 1, 2018, based on the reduction of load during the 2017/2018 summer. Example: Reduction of load this coming summer will produce an Amanda DSM payment starting from October and continuing until the following October. The payments continue to roll over each year you stay with Amanda Energy. To find out if you’re eligible, contact us today.