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Is your Perth or Western Australian business spending more than $20,000 on electricity per year? Contact Amanda Energy and our energy experts will confirm whether you are paying too much for electricity. It’s highly likely that Amanda can reduce your electricity costs even more with our tailored electricity plans when you switch to Amanda. 

Our small business electricity plans are developed through customised analysis of Western Power data. By providing us with access to your historical usage and future business plans, our energy experts are able to create your tailored electricity plan to help you save more. 

Depending on your specific business energy needs, your electricity plan may include grid electricity, solar, gas, peak shaving or a combination of solutions. We’ll help you understand how your new plan could help you save up to 30% on electricity each year, and move forward in a way that’s beneficial for your business and the planet.

How the Small Business Electricity Saver works

  • We assess your business’ energy profile including historical usage, industry, hours of operation plus much more
  • Using the results from our analysis, we develop a tailored electricity plan for your business
  • We assist you to become an informed consumer to further save more on energy costs

Save on small business electricity

We understand the importance of reducing energy costs for small and medium businesses and providing sustainable, renewable and reliable energy solutions.  Amanda’s Small Business Saver could help your business save up to 30% off your annual energy bill! Contact us today.

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Small Business Saver FAQs

Here you will find answers to some of our frequently asked questions. If you can’t find an answer below please get in touch and we will be more than happy to assist.

Amanda generates some of its electricity from solar with the rest coming from the Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM) and agreements with other generators.

Not always! At Amanda Energy, we use a holistic approach that includes analysing peak loads, the impact of solar PV, peak shaving, power conditioning and much more to help your business save as much as possible on electricity. Our tailored solutions often help businesses save more than just low electricity rates.

Yes! Combining grid electricity with solar power may provide your business with the lowest cost per unit. Amanda Energy is pro-solar and our combined plans and solutions could help your business save much more.

If your business premises is already fitted with a smart (interval) meter, there will be no interruption whatsoever. If your premises does require a new smart meter, we’ll work with Western Power and your business to organise the installation and minimise the disruption. Usually, the disruption to power is less than 30 minutes but the benefits to your business are cheaper electricity rates and interval consumption data which enables further analysis and possibly even more savings in the future.

We frequently provide tailored electricity plans and customised solutions for some of WA’s biggest electricity consumers. If your business spends more than $100,000 on energy per year, you should check out our Big Business Saver electricity plans, or get in touch with our team for expert energy advice that is tailored to the unique settings of your business.