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Amanda Energy is the largest locally owned independent energy provider in Perth and Western Australia. Since 2010 we have been focused on providing WA businesses the best energy plans customised to their specific business needs. Speak with Amanda and get an energy plan that’s tailored for your business from the leading alternative gas, solar & electricity providers in Perth.

Tailored Energy Solutions For Perth & WA Businesses

Business Electricity

Our electricity plans could save you 10-20% on your energy bills.

An Amanda business energy expert will analyse your past energy usage, your business needs and your future plans. This smarter approach to electricity consumption allows us to customise a plan for your specific business that includes energy optimisation and cost saving strategies.

Ask us about our peak shaving program to minimise your capacity charge and our other great innovative techniques designed to save you money.

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Commercial Solar

Generate real returns from day one while reducing your carbon footprint.

By undertaking an analysis of your consumption, needs and suitability for solar we’ll make sure you get the right system for your business and don’t overspend.

We offer a number of solar options, and you can buy the system or just the power. If you have an unused rooftop – why not find out if you can turn it into an income stream by leasing it for solar?

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Business Gas

Choosing Amanda Energy to supply your business gas could save you up to 20% on your gas bills.

Making the switch is easy – we’ll make sure there is continuous supply with no interruption to your business. We offer stand alone gas plans or a combination of gas and electricity in our duel fuel offer.

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Business Energy Savings Calculator

Your business could save between 5% and 35% off electricity and gas when you choose Amanda Energy.

See how much you will save with Amanda.

Better energy solutions for every WA industry

There’s no doubt that the need for cost-effective, renewable energy in Perth has never been as great. As the largest locally owned independent energy retailer in WA, Amanda is committed to reducing your energy costs for the benefit of both your business and the environment.

Our service is not ‘off the rack’, our detailed assessment and auditing process separates us from other energy retailers. We look beyond fees per unit to give you a 360 degree analysis of where you can find genuine savings. This allows us to offer better energy options for businesses of all sizes in every industry.

Whether you’re seeking electricity, gas or solar, or looking for a combination to optimise energy usage, we deliver better value and local service to each of our customers. Wondering if you could be getting a better deal? Let our team of business energy experts customise an energy plan for your business.

Food Processing & Cold Storage

We know food processing and cold storage businesses need reliable and affordable energy to maintain consistent refrigeration and food safety.

And, with food processing and storage making significant demands on energy, having an affordable power supply makes a great difference to your bottom line.

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Amanda understands the significance of the cost of electricity to the manufacturing sector.

We help you control your total energy bills by using technology to assist in managing demand and improving the energy efficiency of your manufacturing equipment.

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Commercial Property

We know commercial property businesses want simple and effective energy solutions that reduce costs and deliver higher yields.

We help you find the right plan to match your individual needs and consumption. We can also help you see how you can convert unused rooftops on commercial buildings into a solar energy revenue stream.

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We know it’s not just about the tariff per kW for mining operations, it’s about managing the total energy cost of a site.

Our expert cost benefit analysis investigates solar, emergency diesel on-site generation, power factor correction and voltage optimisation to minimise costs while maximising the reliability of your electricity.

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We cater for all types of agri-business – whether you’re a farmer or a grower – our solar packages allow you to harvest the sun to deliver long-term savings and improved independence from unpredictable energy supply.

We also know that agri-business doesn’t stand still, so as your business needs change, so will your energy plan.

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We understand retail businesses need reliable and cost effective energy. Our optimisation solutions can provide additional power redundancy to increase your savings. This also helps to ensure critical infrastructure like refrigeration and point of sale systems stay operational.

We can also help you make the most of your centre’s roof to generate and store solar generated power.

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energy assessment

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Frequently Asked Questions

Business Electricity FAQs

Amanda Energy is a local WA company located in Perth, delivering better value energy to WA businesses to help you save on your energy bills. We know energy and how to get Western Australian businesses across Perth and WA the best available rates. Rather than just offer standard tariffs, we review your energy usage over time and (with your consent) and look at your consumption every 30 minutes for the previous four years so we can design a tariff structure that gives you the best discounts on electricity prices for your individual energy consumption.

Amanda Energy’s expert 360 degree analysis combined with Perth’s widest product range ensures your business energy consumption is optimised so you don’t pay more on your bill than you need to.

Get in touch with an expert today and we’ll help you compare our business plans to get the right one for you.

Amanda generates some of its power from solar renewable energy with the rest coming from the Western Australian Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM) and agreements with other generators.

If your current energy usage is more than 50,000 kWh/year (approximately $1,200/month) you are a “contestable” customer. Amanda Energy has a licence to supply electricity to contestable customers. Synergy is the only of the electricity providers that can service home/residential consumers.

The Western Power grid ensures all meters have access to electricity from all generators. Western Power is a WA State Government owned corporation responsible for building, maintaining and operating an electricity network that connects customers to energy sources, it does not generate or retail electricity. Western Power and System Management retains responsibility for the transmission, safety, quality and reliability of your electricity.

When you choose to switch to Amanda there will be no interruption for customers if you already have a smart (interval) meter fitted by your current electricity provider. To fit a smart meter, Amanda will work with you and Western Power to minimise any inconvenience.

The South West Interconnected System (SWIS) is made up of the South West Interconnected Network (SWIN) together with all the electricity generators, it includes Perth and extends to the coast in the south and west, to Kalbarri in the north and Kalgoorlie in the east. It is often referred to as the Western Power grid.

Commercial Solar FAQs

There are cheap lower quality panels on the market that other energy providers in Perth may supply you with. Amanda only uses ‘Tier 1’ quality panels.

There is a significant quality difference between inverters. The inverter turns the DC power generated by the solar panels into AC power that you can use while synchronising the energy waveform with the electricity from the grid. The inverter is the part of the solar installation that really works hard and can wear out in time. Some inverters are more efficient in the conversion process than others. Amanda only uses quality inverters from manufacturers with a strong base in Australia who can offer meaningful warranty and maintenance.

A reverse power relay stops excess energy produced by your solar panels going back onto the grid, which may not be able to handle the extra energy in your area. They also provide an extra layer of electrical safety. They are a sophisticated device and there are no cheap options available. For some solar systems over 30kW a reverse power relay must be fitted. Western Power may approve export to the grid if it can take the exported electricity safely.

Yes, Amanda Energy can pay for any surplus solar renewable energy you generate through a credit on your monthly energy bill.

Business Gas FAQs

The supplier you choose can make a significant difference to the tariff you pay. When you switch to Amanda Energy, your business could save up to 20%. It’s part of our standard service to customers to assess your business gas usage patterns and help you find the best way to optimise your usage so you get the lowest rates for your business and pay less on your gas bill.

No. When you become an Amanda customer there are no changes needed to your gas meter. It’s the same gas in the same pipes at a better price.

If you choose to switch gas suppliers it won’t impact the quality or supply of gas to your business. NO matter which of the retailers in Perth you choose, the gas still comes through the same pipes.