Amanda Energy

Amanda Energy are a leading Perth electricity management firm specialising in innovative energy delivery solutions.


As the mercury continues to rise, so do the costs for electricity in Perth and with an inevitable growing population, the need for a reliable and economical energy source has never been more vital. Amanda Energy supplies businesses with affordable commercial electricity in Perth that is better for both businesses and the environment.


We are one of the leading electricity providers in Perth, offering both energy consumption and management services for businesses throughout Western Australia. Our aim is to deliver financial, environmental and community benefits by creating and delivering tailored energy solutions to suit the requirements of your workplace.


Wholesale Grid Electricity

Our wholesale electricity gives businesses access to a reliable network that is simply better for you and the environment. Our comprehensive solutions can save you thousands on your electricity bill and can even reward you for your consumption. When it comes to managing your energy, speak to the leaders in electrical supply in Perth.


Commercial Solar Power

For commercial solar power that pays for itself, look no further than Amanda Energy. We find energy solutions that benefit you and the environment by analysing your current electricity consumption. We believe that helping the planet shouldn’t come at a cost, in fact, we’ll help you manage your commercial solar power so that is cash positive from day 1.


Demand Side Management

Our cost-efficient grid electricity and innovative commercial solar power in WA are not the only features that make us one of Perth’s leading energy suppliers. We also provide an efficient and cost-effective demand side management (DSM) program to the Western Power network. This initiative promotes positive environmental change by assisting businesses to alter their energy consumption and as a result, rewarding them with monetary incentives.


Owned and operated in WA, we are one of the only companies who offer comprehensive energy supply solutions incorporating both DSM strategies and PV commercial solar power in Perth. After a comprehensive analysis of your current energy disposition, our experienced and professional team can design and install appropriate electrical solutions that best suit your business.


For reliable, affordable and efficient commercial electricity in Perth, choose the team who know the energy industry the best. Contact our friendly team today and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Join the No. 1 Electricity Providers in Perth

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