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  • Your NMI(s) should be 11 digits and begin with "800". NMIs are usually shown on the second page of your current electricity bill. By supplying your NMI(s), you verify your consent for Amanda Energy to access your electricity supply and consumption data for the purpose of providing you with an electricity quote. This consent is valid for the next 60 days.
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Account Management

1. Electricity invoices are informative and include:

  • Graph showing previous 13 months consumption

2. Transmission Tariff optimisation check, recommended actions or corrections are automatically actioned by Amanda Energy.

3. Contract Maximum Demand (CMD) optimisation check. Recommended actions are discussed with the client to encompass analysis of:

  • Was the month typical?
  • Was the CMD over/under optimal level?
  • Future consumption predictions for the remaining term of the CMD
  • Cost benefit of changing the CMD
  • Applications to Western Power for changing the CMD

4.Demand Response – Reduce load for just a few hours will help reduce electricity costs for the whole year

  • Beat the Peak: Bundled customers get paid to reduce their electricity load.
  • Shave and Save: Unbundled customers can save up to 25% by reducing their electricity load