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If you’re a commercial property owner in Perth, you can earn additional income by leasing out your building rooftops. Amanda Energy rents the roof and farms the sunshine increasing your yield. We own and operate the solar power equipment and meet all costs associated with construction, operation and maintenance.

Why choose a solar roof lease?

  • Additional rental return and yield from your unused roof space – an immediate increase in asset value
  • No capital outlay, technology, service or operational costs
  • Amanda manages your embedded network by managing the main and sub meter readings
  • Amanda manages billing and payments on your behalf, so you can sit back and reap the rewards.
  • Increased NABER & Green Star Ratings

How a solar roof lease agreement works

The ownership, cost of design, installation and maintenance of the solar generator is covered by Amanda Energy for the term of the rooftop lease agreement. Tenants will then purchase the electricity at the standard grid electricity rates while increasing the return from your asset. We provide Perth’s best roof lease rates and ensure the commercial property owner or landlord maximises the yield on their property.

Solar Roof Lease Agreement FAQs

A Roof Lease Agreement suits property owners who have one main meter with an electricity supply agreement and sub meters for tenants who purchase their electricity from the property owners. Solar electricity consumed at the main meter is divided equitably to the sub meters in the same way as the normal electricity consumption and can be charged to the sub meter at the retail electricity price.

We provide a total energy management package, for our clients. Amanda Energy pays the main meter invoice rather than the landlord, resulting in an improved cash flow.

Amanda will handle the meter reading and electricity charges for tenants and can provide these to the property manager or alternatively Amanda can invoice the tenants direct.

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