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A Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a long-term agreement allowing your business to get the benefits of solar without capital expenditure.

Businesses that qualify for an Amanda solar PPA can purchase electricity that is produced by the solar system at a discounted rate. This delivers up to 15% savings on current electricity charges for businesses who own their premises, and helps to reduce carbon emissions and improve NABERS ratings.

Contact our team to see if your business is eligible to have a solar system installed at no cost by Amanda.

Why choose a Solar Power Purchase Agreement for your business?

  • Amanda covers the cost of installing solar at your business 
  • Your business receives a guaranteed discount on electricity
  • There are no technology, service, maintenance or operational costs
  • Green benefits for your brand and reduced carbon emissions
  • Business owners can purchase the solar system at any time at a reduced cost
  • Ownership of the system transfers to the business owner at the end of the agreement

How a Solar PPA Works

Amanda Energy analyses consumption and then funds the cost of the design, installation and approvals of the solar PV system for your business. Plus, we maintain the system for the agreement term so there are no out-of-pocket expenses for you. We harvest the sunshine from the rooftop solar system and your business gets discounted electricity and green benefits. ‘Large Use’ business electricity customers with plenty of available roof space are recommended to have a Solar PPA analysis performed by an Amanda business energy experts. Ask Amanda today if your business is suitable for a Solar PPA and the benefits to your business.

Solar PPA FAQs

You will need to own your business’s premises or be on a long-term lease. If you lease the premises, we will require consent from the property owner. The business must be contestable (consume over 50mWh per annum), ideally use over 100, 000 kWh per annum and have plenty of roof space available for solar panels.

When you agree to an Amanda Energy solar PPA and the system is installed, the benefits are immediate. With zero outlay costs, your business saves straight away without paying a cent.

Amanda works towards better sustainable energy solutions for WA businesses. At present, solar panels offer a 10 or 12-year structural warranty, and a 25-year performance guarantee and after 20 years the performance is still expected to be 82% of the original rating. The savings offered are real, right now, in today’s money with today’s technology. If in doubt, opt for our Solar PPA option where Amanda outlays the capital, takes the risk and simply supplies you with solar electricity significantly cheaper than your grid electricity.

Amanda’s solar PPA terms are flexible and determined by many factors such as the size of your business, usage, available roof space and other factors. Get in touch with our energy experts today and see if your business can benefit from Amanda’s Solar PPA.

Are you a landlord?

Your unused roof space could help you earn revenue without any capital outlay. Ask us about solar roof lease agreements today.

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