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Our staff are authentic, reliable and more than qualified to answer all your questions or queries whilst providing you with ongoing support.

Martin Jurat

Managing Director
With many years in the commercial fishing, pearling and boat building industry requiring reliable remote on-site power generation Martin has played a leading role in the establishment of Amanda Energy. His management style is based on developing excellent customer relations and a firm belief in mutually beneficial terms. A fishing and sailing enthusiast, Martin gets out on the water as much as possible, both close to home on the Swan River and Rottnest and enjoys the rest of the Australian coastline.

Henry Cooke

Managing Director
Henry has thirty years experience owning and operating small businesses in agriculture, retail, property and energy industries in Western Australia. Henry has a Bachelor of Commerce with an Accounting Major from UWA. His working knowledge of a diverse range of machinery and equipment in business gives him a grass roots insight as to what levels of power and savings are achievable through various means. Henry lives in Perth with his wife and three children and is a keen golfer and diver. Whether the customer is a vegetable grower looking for power savings or a remote community or mine seeking solar, Henry is always looking for positive outcomes for all parties. The focus is on achieving a manageable power bill and Henry meets the challenges the clients are facing to achieve savings with environmental benefits.

Sylvain Ramanah

Accountant / Office Manager
Sylvain has over thirty years' experience as an Accountant in conjunction with five years as an Office Manager. He joined the energy industry due to his strong belief in renewal energy as a better alternative for the future. He has a Bachelor of Commerce with an Accounting Major from Western Australian Institute of Technology (now Curtin University). Sylvain has previously owned and operated a small public practice in conjunction with a Financial Planning Agency, in addition to working as an Administrator for a Contractor for the Gorgon Gas Project on Barrow Island. He lives in Perth with his wife and three children and is an avid tennis and squash player. He enjoys spending quality time with the four generations of his family.

Tim McLeod

Senior Pricing Strategist
Tim's focus is DSM, solar and retail electricity analysis, pricing and administration. He has a keen interest in computers and is not afraid of cracking a problem. As a result, Tim is often number crunching to find ways to analyse and deliver better solutions. Tim is adaptable to the demands of the Energy industry and is enjoying the challenges it represents. He enjoys watching films in his spare time. He is a great fan of The Young Ones and other classic series. He is also a keen sailor, travelling the world competing in International competitions.

Alex Koresis

Senior Energy Consultant
Alex is passionate about creating a sustainable environment and helping reduce energy costs for business. He studied Economics at La Trobe University, Melbourne, and is currently completing his Masters in Management at Curtin University. With over 18 years experience in business consulting, management and training, Alex specialises in working directly with business owners and management professionals to meet triple bottom lines. On weekends he is a professional musician and enjoys playing at some of Perth's most popular events.

Travis Hargreaves

Business Development
Travis is a sustainability advocate with over 11 years experience in the renewable energy and sustainability sector. Previously, Travis was the WA branch president for the Australian Solar Council, and is currently convenor for the WA branch of the Alternative Technology Association. Travis has a Diploma in Electrotechnology and Project Management and is accredited with the Clean Energy Council. Travis is focussed on providing value to clients and a personalised customer experience. In his spare time, Travis volunteers in the sustainability sector and has interests in electric cars, motorbikes and sustainable technologies.