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Amanda understands that for mining operations it’s not just about the cost per kW, it’s about managing the total energy cost of the site. This ensures you minimise costs whilst maximising the reliability of your electricity.

Your business will receive a full cost benefit analysis that will determine if solar generation, emergency diesel on-site generation, power factor correction and voltage optimisation is self-funding. Contract Maximum Demand optimisation ensures that you have reliable supply at minimum expense.

Managing electricity time-of-use reduces your cost of electricity whilst decreasing costs and increasing sustainability for the whole grid.

Amanda’s solar packages and optimisation plans are even more important in remote areas and can help you save even more.

The Amanda Difference

  • Personalised one to one advisory sessions at your premises
  • 360-degree analysis of current power usage with recommendations for optimisation
  • Complete and integrated energy plan that’s cost efficient and sustainable
  • Continuous review and optimisation of your power plan as your business needs change
  • Improved independence from unpredictable energy supply

How we can help

We analyse your business to determine the best energy solution for your mine site.


Wholesale energy straight off the grid with customised energy plans tailored for your mine site.


We help you select the right solar option. We’ll determine your fit for our Power Purchase (PPA) or Commercial Solar.

Onsite Generation

Generating energy at your mine site, will allow you to reliably produce and consume your own energy – helping you further shave and save with energy optimisation.

Experts in energy for Mining

We take a personal approach to everything that we do and ensure that we’re always accessible, even if your mine site is remote and off the grid. Our team of energy experts will visit and inspect all aspects of your mine site and processing plant to understand your operations and supply limitations, providing you with a tailored energy plan that’s integrated with your process. Amanda is committed to creating energy plans that drive real financial savings for our clients whilst also reducing your carbon footprint.

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