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A continual rise in electricity prices means businesses need to consider alternative energy options. Commercial solar installations can be cash positive from day one, increasing the value of your property while allowing you take advantage of the government subsidy, currently about 40% of the cost of a new solar installation. The subsidy rapidly diminishes to zero in 2030. Increase NABERS and Green Star ratings while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. There’s never been a better time to consider solar as a sustainable solution for your business.

Why Solar?

  • ‘Rent to own’ option makes solar more accessible
  • Take advantage of government rebates (up to 40% of installation costs)
  • Generate long term savings while hedging against rising power prices
  • Amanda will buy back excess solar and credit your monthly account
  • Improves your Green Star and NABERS ratings

Frequently Asked Questions

No, there are cheap lower quality panels on the market. Amanda Energy use only “Tier 1” quality panels.

There have been legitimate warnings about faulty solar panel switches, linked to dozens of blazes in the Eastern States. The switch is a DC isolator to allow electricians to carry out work safely on a building fitted with solar. Amanda Energy only uses top quality components and has not fitted any defective switches. Amanda Energy switches are further protected by a custom stainless steel cover.

We all work towards better sustainable energy solutions. Right now solar panels offer a 10 or 12 year structural warranty, a 25 year performance guarantee and after 20 years the performance is still expected to be 82% of the original rating. The savings offered are real, right now, in today’s money with today’s technology. If in doubt, opt for our Solar PPA option where Amanda outlays the capital, takes the risk and simply supplies you with solar electricity significantly cheaper than your grid electricity.

Is your electricity bill continuing to rise?

Amanda’s expert analysis will determine how you can get the most from the grid.

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