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Demand Side Management

Amanda’s DSM offering is similar to the (expired) government DSM program which incentivised businesses to reduce their energy consumption during peak usage periods across the entire grid. As an Amanda customer you will receive notifications ahead of peak consumption times. Multiple notifications for reduction periods will be provided one day prior, on the day, and one hour before, giving you time to manage your consumption accordingly. Those able to reduce their energy consumption for just a few hours will receive additional credits on their electricity bills across the year.

What do I need to know?

  • You’ll need to be an Amanda Energy customer
  • Your business needs to have the ability to reduce electricity consumption as per the Amanda DSM requirements
  • Ratio of credit payments for different levels of load reduction is analysed and tailored to your business. This is outlined in our electricity supply agreement
  • There is no penalty or contractual requirement to reduce your load
  • Load periods and credit time frames vary slightly each year, the details of which will be outlined in your agreement

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