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Custom Energy Solutions for Agribusinesses

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Innovative Energy Solutions for WA Agriculture

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Energy For Agriculture Businesses

At Amanda Energy, we understand the challenges that agribusinesses face. Whether you’re a farmer, grower, involved in processing or manufacturing, we can help reduce your energy costs.  Reliable and affordable electricity is crucial for the survival of agricultural businesses in Perth and across Western Australia. Now that electricity costs have increased significantly, Amanda Energy is committed to helping your business reduce energy costs with our tailored approach. We conduct a deep analysis of your electricity load, demand and consumption to create a customised energy plan to address the unique settings of your business.

Full Cost-Benefit Analysis

We deliver a full cost-benefit analysis to determine if solar generation, power factor correction, or voltage optimisation can be implemented.

Maximum Demand Optimisation

We ensure a reliable energy supply at minimum expense by managing electricity time-of-use to reduce your yearly costs, whilst ensuring your processes operate efficiently.

Solar Energy Packages

Take advantage of unused roof space with solar roof leasing agreements, and solar buy-back with power purchase agreements.

The Amanda Energy Difference

  • Personalised one-on-one advisory sessions at your premises.
  • 360-degree analysis of current power usage with recommendations for optimisation and options to better protect your agriculture equipment and farming machinery.
  • Continuous review and optimisation of your power plan as your business needs change.
  • Sector-specific optimisation tactics to reduce energy usage without compromising operations.
  • Helping you reduce your electricity costs for the whole year by reducing load for just a few hours.


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Cost-Saving Energy Solutions for Agribusinesses

By analysing your energy consumption, we can determine an ideal solution for your operational needs.

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1. Electricity

Wholesale energy straight off the grid with customised energy plans tailored for the agriculture industry.

2. Solar

We’ll help you determine if you’re a fit for commercial solar solutions such as Power Purchase (PPA) or Roof Lease Agreements (RLA).

3. Energy Optimisation

Our complimentary optimisation services have shown to reduce costs for Agri-business.

Experts in Energy for Farming & Agriculture

At Amanda Energy, we are committed to supporting you and your business every step of the way. No matter how rural you are, our energy experts will meet you on-site to understand the specific needs of your agribusiness. Amanda Energy is committed to creating and delivering energy plans that drive real financial savings for our clients whilst also reducing your carbon footprint.

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