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Large Business

Are you a Large-Scale Business looking for big time energy cost savings? If your business’ spends over $100,000 p.a. for electricity, the chances are Amanda can help you to save real money on your energy bills whilst reducing your impact on the environment. Amanda’s energy experts will complete a 360-degree review of your business’ energy consumption and requirements and provide you with a fully tailored energy plan guaranteed to make your energy usage more efficient and sustainable whilst reducing your bills.

Real Savings

On average our large-scale business clients save up to 20% off their energy when they make the switch to Amanda. Our team takes care of the switching process leaving you to take care of business. With a process this easy and real savings to be realised, surely that’s worth a call?

The Amanda Difference

  • 360-degree analysis of current power usage with recommendations for optimisation ensuring you continue to save money
  • Unbundled Electricity options that are tailored to your business needs
  • Shave a little and save a heap with our predictive insights
  • Ability to reduce your capacity charge to 0%
  • Improved independence from unpredictable energy supply

Personalised service for big business

At Amanda, we don’t believe in off the shelf solutions. We provide an in-depth, personalised service to all of our clients and understand the needs of big business and heavy energy consumers. Amanda is committed to creating energy plans that drive real financial savings and long term benefits for our clients. We’ll ensure that your energy demand is effectively managed and you continue to shave and save.

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Unbundled Electricity with Energy Optimisation

We can provide unbundled pricing that is fully customised to you, this will see you reaping the rewards immediately. Take full advantage of Amanda’s complimentary Energy Optimisation Services to gain further savings on your grid electricity spend when you switch to Amanda.

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Wholesale energy straight off the grid with customised energy plans tailored for your small business.  We can provide transparent unbundled pricing options with no minimum take or pay.

Energy Optimisation

Shave and save all year by reducing your energy consumption for just a few hours a year. Our energy experts will make recommendations on how you can ‘Beat the Peak’.


Make best use of your real estate and combine your electricity with our solar options to reap further savings.


Whether you’re after Dual Fuel, or just gas – we can help your business save on energy costs.

Power Conditioning

Amanda’s energy-saving technology solutions will optimise your energy usage ensuring your electricity goes further, for less. Simple to deploy, these innovative options will increase your energy efficiency, protect and increase the lifespan of your electrical equipment and reduce your carbon footprint.