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About Us

Amanda Energy are a leading WA energy management firm specialising in innovative electrical solutions and renewable energy in the Perth and surrounding regions. We deliver electricity and demand side management (DSM) to the Western Power network and analyse, design and install solar PV systems across Australia.


Our grid electricity and solar solutions are simply better for business in all respects. Our main interest lies with offering commercial consumers tailored energy solutions that deliver both environmentally friendly and financially affordable solutions.


There’s no doubt that with an increasing population and growing commercial economy, the need for cost-effective, renewable energy in Perth has never been greater. If you’re looking to lower your energy bills and do your part for the environment, contact Amanda Energy today to discuss your energy options.


Why Choose Amanda Energy:


  • Reliable    Our staff are authentic, reliable and more than qualified to answer all your questions or queries whilst providing you with ongoing support.


  • Conscientious  –  We are committed to reducing your energy costs for the benefit of both your business and the environment. By analysing your situation, we can provide solutions such as electricity price, solar generation, peak shaving, demand side management and more.


  • Pragmatic  – We provide cash positive practical solutions for sustainable and renewable energy for Perth businesses in a competitive market.


For simply better business energy solutions, contact our friendly team today!

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