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Obligations to Ensure Safety


Remember that any and all gas pipe downstream of the gas meter belongs to you, the gas customer, and the gas customer is responsible for maintenance and operation of this portion of the pipework.

Amanda Energy does not own the gas beyond the meter; therefore, we do not routinely maintain or locate this pipework.

What are the obligations of your Gas Supplier?

Amanda Energy is the Retail Licence holder and ATCO Gas Networks is the Gas Operator.

The primary responsibility for ensuring compliance with GSR 1999 (under section 5.3) rests with the licensed gasfitter that has completed the installation work and requires the gasfitter to provide compliance certification to ATCO, before gas can be supplied to a consumer’s gas installation.

The Gas Standards Act 1972 requires that ATCO has an obligation to ensure that the consumer’s gas installation complies with prescribed requirements prior to commencing the supply of gas to a consumer’s gas installation.

ATCO will carry out installation inspections to ensure the installations do comply and that any necessary remedial work is completed before commencing the supply of gas. ATCO is obligated to report breaches of the Act and regulations and gas incidents to the Director of Energy Safety.

What are your obligations as a Customer?

Your obligations as an Amanda Energy customer include to:

  • Not misuse natural gas, sell or redirect it to any other person, tamper with or bypass the meter, or use natural gas for a different purpose than that agreed with Amanda Energy.
  • Keep the natural gas installation at your address in safe condition, protect ATCO’s equipment from damage and interference, and only allow an accredited natural gas installer to perform work on your system.
  • Give ATCO a safe, convenient and unhindered access to the supply address and the meter.
  • Not turn the gas on at the meter without Amanda Energy’s permission, if the gas has been turned off by the retailer or gas network operator.
  • When excavation is performed or is about to be performed near the buried gas piping, the piping should be located and marked in advance, and any excavating performed near the pipe should be done by hand.