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Case Study

Datacenter Limited

Fast Facts

The Challenge

Data centres use a lot of electricity when they are up and running, but what about a start-up data centre? The challenge was to start right at the beginning with available grid supply in the area, moving on to transformer size and high voltage vs. low voltage supply, the efficiency of the racks and the cooling. The actual supply of electricity was the easy part.

Case Study

The Approach

We worked with Tim to understand the requirements the data centre would have as it reached each phase of expansion. A tailored energy analysis was made using consumption profiles of existing data centres modelled with the specifics of Datacenter Limited.

The Solution

Supply Datacenter Limited with electricity based on stepped consumption and no minimum “take or pay” clause. Test the contingency on-site generation during peak demand periods on the Western Power grid.

The Result

An electricity supply agreement that was tailored to the sporadic growth of the data centre. The electricity management services from Amanda Energy included demand side management and on-going analysis of available consumption.

“We worked with Amanda Energy right from the beginning. Amanda Energy impressed me with their holistic approach and advice.”

Tim Desmond