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Case study

Golden Egg Farms

Fast Facts

The Company
Golden Farm Eggs – Palmyra, Western Australia

The Challenge
To allow Golden Eggs to continue processing a million eggs per day without the stress of electricity blackouts. Animal welfare is paramount, so all sites have emergency backup generators in case of a blackout. Heat stress in summer can cause livestock distress and losses.

Case Study

The Approach
To analyse & verify the power requirement. To process a million eggs per day, the processing facilities have to be fail-safe. The location of the Palmyra factory is subject to many power outages per year so Amanda had to ensure the backup generator would be able to cope with the power demand.

The Solution
“When Amanda Energy approached us to join their DSM program it was very simple – we already have good systems in place and emergency generation, so Amanda pays us cash every quarter, whether we have a test or a 4 hour despatch or not. The three one- hour tests we did over 2012 and 2013 proved the Amanda communication system works and our internal emergency generation systems work.

The Results
Amanda Energy has enjoyed working with Golden Eggs; their commitment to animal welfare, their clients, the environment and the local community is a perfect match with what we do. In the unlikely event that a DSM call is made, when Golden Eggs switches off for four hours, about 250 Perth homes keep power on. At the same time, they are helping to prevent the need for WA to build a peaking power station. Like Golden Egg Farms, Amanda Energy is proudly Western Australian owned and operated.

“We are now looking at including other sites in the program”.

“Being paid for something we already do is a real bonus.”

Bernard Egan, Golden Farm Eggs