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Case Study

1/2 Price Pallets

Fast Facts

The Challenge

½ price pallets are the largest pallet manufacturing in the Perth region using the latest technology. The challenge was to reduce peak consumption given Western Power constraints and existing rates from their energy retailer.

Case Study

The Approach

Meeting with John helped to understand how the business uses energy and his expectations in reducing costs. A complete energy performance evaluation and analysis was conducted to examine the current electricity rates and commercial solar feasibility based on actual Western Power data.

The Solution

Move power supply to Amanda Energy to save on electricity charges and install a 20kW solar PV system to reduce peak consumption.

The Result

The business is now saving significantly more by switching electricity providers and installing a solar PV system with Amanda Energy. The system is producing more than predicted which has resulted in decreasing their energy costs more than expected. In addition, the environmental benefits are strongly supported by John and his employees.

“We are very happy with the service provided by Amanda Energy. They are reliable and followed through in a timely manner. We highly recommend them to other businesses”

John Estimoff, 1/2 Price Pallets