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Case Study

McLoughlin Butchers

Fast Facts

The Challenge

McLoughlin Wholesale Butchers are a multi-generational family small to medium business. They consume large amounts of electricity for cold storage and use machinery to manufacture meat products. Their aim was to reduce their energy costs to offset rising electricity prices.

Case Study

The Approach

Analyse the whole power equation to identify energy savings opportunities, then meet with Paul to develop a strategy that would provide long term cost reductions for the business.

The Solution

In addition to providing better electricity rates, Amanda Energy installed a 40kW Solar PV system and helped the business reduce their peak demand over the summer period using Amanda Energy’s shave and save program.

The Result

The combination of Amanda’s energy advice and solar PV saved McLoughlin Butcher’s over $14,000 per annum while providing environmental benefits. Reducing peak demand over the summer helped reduced their electricity rates over the next supply term.

“We have been with Amanda Energy for over 4 years. They have helped us reduce our energy costs and provided excellent advice”

Paul McLoughlin, McLoughlin Butchers