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Case Study

Spud Shed

Fast Facts

The Company
Spud Shed, Baldivis & Mandurah, Western Australia

The Challenge
To supply Spud Shed seamless power throughout frequent electricity failures to power cool rooms, processing factories, till registers and shop floors, whilst reducing costs and loss of produce.

Case Study

The Approach
To analyse Spud Shed’s consumption data. Temperature control is fundamental to their large business. Certainty of supply is therefore critical and the remoteness is known for regular power outages.”

The Solution
To provide Spud Shed Baldivis and Mandurah with backup generators to ensure that in the event of a blackout their supply and produce is not sacrificed.

The Results
The new system delivers in excess of 40kW of power… more than enough to satisfy immediate demand but flexible enough to accommodate expansion future.

“The switch was very straight forward and we now have no stress in relying on power supply from the grid. We have found them very easy to deal with.”
Tyne Smith, Manager

“Amanda Energy have been accessible and proactive in providing seamless power to Spudshed.”

Paul White, Manager