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Case Study

The Stables

Fast Facts

The Company
The Stables IGA – Bridgetown, Western Australia

Case Study

The Challenge
A family owned IGA in the country needs to try hard to keep things efficient. By keeping our costs down our customers can enjoy an experience equal to or better than our city counterparts. In the country we have extra freight costs but we can have gains in other ways. Keeping our energy cost down is very important to us!!

The Approach
Meet with Maurice and discuss all energy aspects including opening hours, historical consumption, future plans, roof space, potential for the existing backup generator to reduce about 1/3 of the bill going forward and getting DSM payments in the short term.

The Solution
Analyse what we discussed with Owen, using historical consumption data for every 30 minutes, finding a sweet spot between solar benefits and the increase in grid price the current supplier may impose. Also add The Stables to DSM program with monthly payments.

The Results
Commercial Property Owners and a commercial solar  installation cash positive from day one, DSM monthly payments, beginning our peak shaving program, impartial advice to remain with the incumbent Perth electricity supplier.

“This was the first time anyone talked to me one-on-one about a tailored solution for us”.

Maurice Owen, Owner

“Amanda Energy gave good advice – even when it hurt them by advising that we should keep our grid electricity with the incumbent supplier!”

Maurice Owen, The Stables IGA