Casotti Group

Fast Facts

The Company: Casotti Group, Western Australia


The Challenge: To deliver WA’s largest fruit grower backup generators and ensure they are never without power. 

The Approach:  To analyse & verify the power requirement. Some Casotti Group sites have their own backup generation, while others can stop packing and simply leave the fruit in the cool rooms, which can retain their quality management temperature requirements for four hours.

“Amanda makes it easy, we get plenty of warning for a test and have not had to shut down for four hours in the two years we have been on the DSM program – but if we were called our communications and shut down procedure are tested and ready.”


The Solution: The Casotti Group are a little different to most DSM participants, they have a business where some of their sites are able to shut down without requiring back up generation, and the inconvenience is compensated by cash payments whether they are asked to shut down or not – the payments continue regardless.


The Results: “We have had three sites on the DSM program since 2011. We are now looking at the feasibility of adding more sites, and also exploring the benefits of purchasing our electricity from Amanda and fitting solar. If we can care for the environment and our bottom line at the same time, why wouldn’t we?”
Mario Casotti, Owner