Are you getting the best deal from your electricity providers in Perth?

Is your company spending more than $1,250 per month on electricity? If so, you may well qualify for huge savings with Amanda Energy. Ask yourself, are your current Perth electricity suppliers giving you the right advice or do they simply send you a monthly bill?


Good value electricity in Perth isn’t just about getting the lowest price per unit – because let’s face it, most electricity providers claim to offer this. With Amanda Energy, you’ll soon realise what it means to have great value from your energy supplier and save much more than a few bucks!


Amanda Energy – The Leading Electricity Providers in Perth, WA

If your business is spending more than $1,250 or 50,000 kWh on energy per month, then it may be time to consider an alternative solution. At Amanda Energy, we’ll analyse your business’ energy consumption as well as your current Perth energy suppliers and discuss your options. We believe that you should be well-informed and understand exactly how switching to a different electricity supplier in Perth can be beneficial for your business and the environment.


After our consultation and completion of our industry analysis of your business electricity use, we will undertake a plan to setup the perfect balance for your energy requirements going forward.

In addition to great value energy solutions, Amanda Energy are also one of the only energy management firms who provide grid electricity, commercial solar and demand side management (DSM) to the commercial and business sectors in Perth.


Now you have a choice

In 2006, the Western Power monopoly was replaced with the Wholesale Electricity Market, giving businesses the opportunity to choose from a range of Perth electricity providers. Mandatory compliance with these regulations meant that every customer now had the same level of security and supply, regardless of their chosen supplier for commercial electricity in Perth.


Amanda Energy – Business Electricity in Perth Made Easy

When it comes to your business’ electricity in Perth, make the smart choice. At Amanda Energy, we provide comprehensive grid electricity solutions that are simply better for businesses. Amanda Energy bring a breath of fresh thinking to the energy management industry. For excellent service with a customer focus, contact our friendly team today. Find out whether your business is eligible for better savings today!


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