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Are you a business looking to save on your electricity and gas bills? Did you know you can save simply by combining your business’ Gas and Electricity with Amanda Energy on a Dual Fuel plan?

Why switch to Amanda Energy?

  • We’ll ensure continuous supply with no interruption to your business
  • We’re experts in commercial and business energy plans
  • You can talk directly to our energy experts, who are dedicated to helping you optimise your energy use and saving you on bills
  • Our tailored energy analysis allows your business to realise bigger energy-savings
  • We offer flexible plans with more benefits to meet your business goals

Reduce your energy spend

Combining your gas and electricity with Amanda Energy’s energy optimisation solutions will help your business bring down energy costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

By combining your commercial electricity and gas plan with Amanda Energy, your business could save up to 20%. We’ll assess your business’s electricity and gas usage patterns to find the best way to optimise your usage to lower your energy bills.

Switching energy providers doesn’t impact the quality or supply of gas or electricity to your business. We use the same network to supply electricity and the same pipes to supply gas.

Our gas is sourced from generators around Western Australia. This ensures our clients are getting a reliable and quality gas supply.