Kellerberrin IGA

Fast Facts

The Company: Kellerberin Farmers Co-operative - Kellerberrin WA


The Challenge: Kellerberrin Farmers Co-operative is the town’s community IGA supermarket and reliable power is critical. Temperatures soar in the Wheatbelt and large amounts of electricity is consumed keeping food and produce fresh. With limited roof space, a creative and well planned solar solution was required to get the best result.

The Approach: Talk to Linda and liaise with the Board to get exact instructions on suitable roof space for panel placement. After the site inspection, several revisions of the design allowed our installers to complete the job efficiently with minimum disruption to business.


The Solution:  Identify the best panel placement to generate maximum solar production given roof constraints and shading issues. Co-operate and adhere to the Board’s instructions whilst providing cost effective solutions.


The Results:  A fully optimised 40 kilowatt solar system was installed with minimum interruption to business. Energy costs have been reduced significantly satisfying all stakeholders.


For expert advice and a cost effective system, we would recommend using Amanda Energy.

Linda Taylor, Kelleberrin IGA