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3 things you must consider when choosing an energy provider for your business

When it comes to choosing an energy provider for your business, it’s worth taking multiple factors into account, not just cheaper rates. You will likely want to work with an energy retailer that offers great customer service and support when you need it and has a focus on renewable energy options along with grid electricity and gas. You will also want the confidence that your energy provider has positive reviews and will be around to help you during difficult times.

1.      A customer service ethos

“Sometimes a cheap price is not a good enough reason to stick with your current provider,” said Henry Cooke, energy expert and Amanda Energy director.

“Your energy provider should take a genuine interest in your business, understand your objectives and work with you to reduce energy costs going forward,” said Mr Cooke.

What separates Amanda Energy from other energy companies is our brainpower. We take the time to learn about your business, big or small, and do a 360-degree energy analysis using Western Power and ATCO data. This helps find solutions that saves your business much more than cheaper peak and off-peak pricing.

We have deep local experience in industries and businesses across Western Australia, plus our team are all locally based, so you will have the peace of mind that you can contact someone close by, and in the same time zone for support.

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2.      A focus on renewables

Renewable energy is here to stay, with 24% of Australia’s electricity generation coming from renewable energy in 20191. Commercial solar in Perth now plays a big part in reducing energy costs.

“The more your energy provider plays in the renewable energy space, the bigger benefit it will be to you,” commented Mr Cooke.

KPMG predict that in the next 20 years there will be a global transition to the use of renewable energy, which will be supported by increased investment in renewable energy technology and its reduced cost.

Amanda Energy is an Approved Solar Retailer with the Clean Energy Council (CEC). This ensures Amanda Energy meets the code of conduct and employs best practice to protect customers.  Make sure you choose an energy provider that is also an approved CEC solar retailer not just an installer.

Did you know that installing solar at your business could possibly increase your electricity rates? Choose a provider that will not penalise your business and look out for electricity contracts that have minimum consumption requirements.

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3.      Save more by combining electricity, gas and solar

Consolidating electricity and gas into one energy plan is not only great for the hip pocket, it saves the time and the frustration of dealing with different suppliers.

There is no doubt that we are living in uncertain times; choose an energy provider that will provide support during the tough times and reward you for loyalty. Amanda Energy offers support and flexible terms for customers whilst offering increased savings.

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Consider a Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) or Solar Roof Lease Agreement (RLA) to reduce energy costs for the long term. Amanda Energy offer 10 – 20 year plans that help businesses and commercial property owners. With such long term agreements in place, Amanda Energy is sure to be around to help and service customers in WA.

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