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7 Tips To Reduce Your Business Electricity Costs

Businesses are having to fight harder to stay competitive in today’s market, with interest rates and inflation increasing costs of supply across the board. So, how can you help reduce your business’s energy costs? If your business is contestable (uses over 50,000 kwh per annum) then you have more control over the cost of your electricity than you think. In this article, our business energy experts have laid out 7 tips to help your business save, plus help the environment and simultaneously relieve pressure on WA’s electricity grid. 

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  • Upgrade old appliances and equipment

Refrigerators, air conditioning systems, electric heaters, halogen lightbulbs, and equipment over ten years old could be costing your business more than necessary. By upgrading to newer models and LED lightbulbs, you can take advantage of the advances in energy-efficient appliances and reduce your energy bill. Ensure that any cooling or heating equipment that runs 24/7 is energy efficient as this could save you hundreds of dollars! 

  • Ensure you’re operating with a Smart (Interval) Meter

Smart meters, or 30-minute interval meters, measure your electricity consumption every 30 minutes to give you peak and off-peak readings. You’ll be able to understand how much electricity you’re using and when you’re using it, so you’ll have the power to make informed business decisions. A standard accumulation meter won’t be able to do any of that for you, making it harder to understand your true energy usage. If your business has an old accumulation meter and you’re on the R3 or L3 tariff, be sure to contact Amanda Energy to receive an immediate discount on these electricity rates. Plus, for most businesses, you’ll get upgraded to a smart meter for free! 

  • Get smarter about your consumption habits

Understanding your energy usage can help with cost-effective energy consumption. An analysis of your usage patterns will certainly help you make informed decisions about how and when to use electricity. For example, instead of turning on the air conditioning or heater when it’s too hot or cold, it’s better to set the desired temperature mid-morning when the price of electricity is lower and maintain this temperature. By making small changes like this to your energy consumption patterns, you can make a difference to the environment and your bottom line.

  • Explore solar PV options for your business

The latest CEC report (1) confirms Australians are adopting solar PV at record breaking levels. In addition to an outright solar purchase, there are no cost solar options to help your business save on energy and reduce emissions. Your business may benefit from roof leasing for solar generation or, your business may qualify for a power purchase agreement (PPA). Roof leasing enables you to monetise your business’s unused roof space and allow Amanda Energy to farm the solar generated electricity. Or, if you’re eligible for a solar PPA, Amanda will install a solar PV system at no cost and give your business a guaranteed discount on the electricity generated by the system. Ask today if your business qualifies for these no cost solar options. 

  • Switch off lights and appliances when not in use

This may seem like a no-brainer, however, many offices have kitchens or bathrooms where the lights stay on at all times! Small things like this can be easily fixed by installing sensor lights, so you’re only using energy when the room is in use. We also recommend instructing your staff to switch off their computers or any other appliances, equipment, or systems when they’re not in use. By switching computers off instead of just on standby, your business can become more energy efficient and economical.

  • Understand the best time to use electricity 

During periods of high electricity demand, such as 8am-10am and 5pm-7pm, electricity actually costs a lot more and, any business using electricity during these times will pay a premium for power. The best time to use electricity is between 11am and 2pm when solar PV is reducing grid consumption. Many businesses shut down over lunchtime and turn off machinery and equipment that could be using lower-cost electricity. Minimising consumption between 5pm and 7pm over the summer is known as ‘peak shaving’, and this will help reduce your business electricity rates and relieve pressure from the electricity grid.  All Amanda Energy customers receive notifications on when exactly to reduce consumption and peak shave to help reduce their future electricity rates. 

  • Engage a professional

Business electricity can be confusing and complicated to understand for business owners and their management. By engaging energy professionals, your business could reap the benefits from expert advice and solutions that are tailored to your business. Amanda Energy perform a comprehensive analysis of your business electricity consumption to provide you with the best price and advice according to your unique circumstances.

At Amanda Energy, we’re incredibly passionate and genuine about providing true cost-saving advice. Contact an expert today on 9430 7048 or via our contact form to get your free analysis and start saving on business electricity today.

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