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Amanda Energy featured in The West’s Commercial Property Report.

Amanda Energy featured in The West’s Commercial Property Report with an article on rising energy costs and how they can be overcome by taking a holistic approach. We encourage you to get in touch and learn how you could save up to 30% by managing your energy.

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“Electricity prices have doubled over the past 7 years but a shift towards energy management can reduce energy costs up to 30 per cent for business and commercial property owners. Amanda Energy uses the same supply and network transmission as Synergy and Alinta but employ a holistic approach that delivers more savings than cheaper electricity rates. “Each business has its own consumption history and that affects the annual fixed overhead charges that all retailers have to pay,” Amanda Energy Director Martin Jurat said. “It is essential that we understand the business and tailor solutions, often unique for individual customers.”

In creating these solutions Amanda Energy analyses the 30 minute electricity consumption data from Western Power for each client. Analysing historical usage gives a better understanding and reveals opportunities for clients to reduce their costs. Developing an easy to follow plan and strategy for each business can deliver positive outcomes. “For example, there are two peak electricity tariff times each day, if a company is able to miss one or both of these times by altering how they work, this could add up to substantial savings,” Mr Jurat said. “Each plan is constantly analysed, reviewed and amended as required. Amanda Energy understands that things can change in the future.”

As well as being a company confident in its ability to reduce electricity costs, Amanda Energy is committed to ensuring the energy used is cleaner and better for the environment. One of the ways they do this is through their pragmatic solar solutions. Through comprehensive analysis, the annual savings from solar can exceed finance payments. Mr Jurat said Amanda Energy’s mantra was always about “finding cash positive solutions”.

A popular option for commercial property owners is leasing their roof top to Amanda Energy and increasing their property yield while Amanda farm the sunshine. “Electricity management can be a long play. Solar can increase the grid price for the first 18 months or so but then have a beneficial effect on the grid price,” he said. “We are more than just an electricity provider, we analyse and manage the whole power equation. We put the customer first and if something isn’t working, we will work out a way to get the best solution for our customers.”

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