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Amanda supports electricity rates rise

Government is “justified” in rates increase to support industry pricing reform in WA

Amanda Energy supports the Western Australian government’s decision from last month to increase electricity rates over the next 3 years to residential consumers by an average of 10.9% per annum.

The energy retailer to the commercial sector understands the prudence of this measure announced by Treasure Ben Wyatt, justified, it says, by the increases to the cost of electricity supply. However, it believes that more reform is required.

“This price adjustment will see a reduction in the TAP (Tariff Adjustment Payment) subsidy, which is a step in the right direction,” said Amanda Energy director, Henry Cooke. “However, we are disappointed that the electricity market reform program has stalled.”

Amanda Energy is in support of the government’s 3 year program to deregulate the energy industry, but supports moves towards a dedicated energy minister. MLA Wyatt currently holds the portfolios of Treasurer, Finance, Energy and Aboriginal Affairs.

“The 3-year target is ambitious due to the scale of reform required across areas of legislature and infrastructure. Unless the government focuses on establishing the mooted reforms, investment in the energy market in WA may be spurned.”

Increases to electricity rates for commercial consumers is negligible at this stage.