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Commercial Solar Panel Installation with Amanda Energy

The Amanda Energy commercial solar installation process

At Amanda Energy, we take our commercial solar panel installation process very seriously. We display the utmost professionalism at every step of the process and continue our excellent service throughout the years of your agreement term. It’s our aim throughout your commercial solar installation process to cause as little disruption to your business operations as possible.

What does the Amanda Energy commercial solar installation process involve?

1. Initial Consultation

In your initial solar installation consultation, our Solar Manager will start by gathering information about your business operations, and the level of power it requires. This involves visiting your work site and conducting a thorough physical assessment for:

  • Solar exposure
  • Possible modular mounting
  • Structural issues
  • Electrical interconnection options

2. Proposal

Once we’ve determined the level of power your work site requires, and the kilowattage of solar energy needed, we begin drafting your agreement proposal. This proposal covers all financial aspects and the term length of your contract.

3. Design

Once you’ve accepted and signed your proposal and contract, we begin the design of your solar system!

4. Plan Approval

During the design period, we’ll also be working with the necessary third parties to ensure all electrical interconnections are planned safely and possess the required certification to be installed. This includes applying for a Retailer Reference Number (RRN) from your current electricity retailer, usually taking 1 – 7 days. Once the RRN has been received, we apply for approval from Western Power to connect your system to the network. This stage takes approximately 3-4 weeks.

5. Installation

Once Western Power approves your solar system plans, your system will be delivered and installation will begin! Your commercial solar installation will involve:

  • Our team of installers arriving at your work site at a designated time
  • Complete safety checks and setup of harnesses, roof anchor points, and other general safety equipment
  • Your mains power will be completely switched off for approximately 2 hours
  • Your solar inverter will be mounted in an appropriate ground-level location, away from direct sunlight and excessive water exposure
  • The cables and solar panels are installed
  • Once installation is complete, your new commercial solar PV system will be commissioned, which means it’s checked and tested to make sure it’s defect-free and in perfect working order

How long does the solar installation process take?

The entire commercial solar installation process takes approximately 2-3 months, from accepting and signing the proposal to installation completion.

Why should I choose Amanda Energy for my business’ solar installation?

When you choose Amanda Energy as your commercial solar energy provider, you can expect premium quality systems, absolute commitment and responsive customer services, as well as guaranteed cheaper power bills.

What happens after your solar installation is complete?

Once your new commercial solar system installation is complete, Amanda Energy remotely monitors your system. As long as WiFi and monitoring is enabled, we’ll spot-check for issues and ensure they’re resolved quickly and efficiently. We’re also on call to answer questions and provide support during issues or outages. Plus, all our commercial solar panel installations come with a 5-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Get your commercial solar panel installation started

To find out more about the Amanda Energy commercial solar installation process or to speak to a member of our friendly admin team, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to provide information over the phone or schedule a time to meet in person, where one of our Solar Managers can provide you with a detailed breakdown of the process, costs and requirements.