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Family Business Australia announce WA Partnership with Amanda Energy

Amanda Energy has been announced as a Western Australian Gold Sponsor with Family Business Australia (FBA), supporting families in Business.

Greg Griffith, CEO of FBA said, “We are pleased to announce Amanda Energy as a WA Gold partner, through their experience in working with WA businesses, many of them family enterprises, we feel confident and are excited to offer FBA members the opportunity to reduce energy costs and improve their bottom line.

“As a WA Gold Sponsor, Amanda Energy will be offering special benefits to our members and we look forward to making them feel welcome. We are excited about what Amanda Energy brings to our membership, their value offering only complements and extends FBA’s value offering to our members”.

Amanda Energy is a privately owned family business and is the only energy company in Perth that offer business electricity, commercial solar, power factor correction, voltage optimisation, peak shaving (demand response) and solar roof lease agreements. Amanda Energy have a great track record with a range of family businesses across many industries.

Amanda Energy Founders Martin Jurat and Henry Cooke said “we are incredibly excited about working with FBA and their members in WA”. “FBA is a well-known and respected organisation that has been providing support and guidance to Australian Family Business for many years. Our expertise in working with businesses to reduce costs and improve efficiency provides a wonderful opportunity for our groups to work together and add significant value to FBA members”.

Electricity prices have doubled in the last 7 years but a shift towards energy management can reduce energy costs by up to 30% for business. Amanda Energy use the same supply and network transmission as other energy retailers but employ a holistic approach that delivers more savings than just cheaper electricity rates. Analysing historical usage gives a better understanding and reveals opportunities for businesses to reduce their costs. As a Gold Partner, Amanda Energy are offering a comprehensive energy performance evaluation and analysis to FBA members to improve energy efficiencies and identify potential savings to improve your bottom line.

“We are a leading electricity provider in Perth and offer innovative solutions that are tailored for individual businesses. Our aim is to deliver financial, environmental and community benefits by creating and delivering energy solutions that are simply better than cheap peak and off peak rates ” Said Alex Koresis, Senior Energy Consultant and your FBA contact person at Amanda Energy

FBA members are invited to contact Alex 0478 631 333 or at Amanda Energy to see how they could help you reduce the energy bills by thousands of dollars per year. More information is available here.

About Amanda Energy

Amanda Energy are a leading WA energy supply and management firm specialising in innovative energy solutions and renewable energy. We supply business electricity, power factor correction, voltage optimisation, peak shaving (Demand Response), design and instal solar PV systems for business using an accurate analysis of Western Power data. Amanda evaluates the whole power equation to mitigate risk and uncertainty for business.

Our grid electricity and solar solutions are simply better for business in all respects. We offer businesses tailored energy solutions that deliver both environmentally friendly and financially affordable solutions.

There’s no doubt that with an increasing population and growing commercial economy, the need for cost-effective, renewable energy in Perth has never been greater. If you’re looking to lower your energy bills and do your part for the environment, contact Amanda Energy today to discuss your energy options.