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Going Green: Linneys powered by Amanda Energy

Linneys is a family owned manufacturing jeweller, specialising in Australian South Sea pearls and diamonds.

An energy expert from Amanda Energy conducted an analysis of the 7 meters on site and identified the best solution for the business. Troy Linney states “Amanda Energy successfully delivered our solar project with a professional approach to assessing the requirements and then problem solved with us to get the best result. I would recommend them to other businesses looking to assess their options”.

“The solar PV installation for Linneys has reduced their power bills significantly and helped to minimise their impact on the environment. We are very pleased to deliver a positive outcome for the business” says Alex, Senior Consultant from Amanda Energy.

In comparison to coal, solar electricity generated from Linneys rooftop will;

  • Save 1,413,280 litres of WA water
  • Save 514 tonnes of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere

This is the equivalent to planting 4111 trees or removing 118 cars from WA roads.

Congratulations to Linneys for reaping the benefits of Going Green!