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Reduce Your Energy Bills Over Summer With One Simple Change

Homes and offices around Western Australia could save money on their bills over the hot summer months by simply changing the time they use their air-conditioning.

Being strategic about when to cool your home each day rather than just reacting to the weather can result in significant savings.

What a lot of people don’t know is that their homes are actually a form of battery, in that they can store energy to be discharged later.

Cold is a form of energy, and by using your thermostat or air conditioning at different times over summer, you can save money on your bill while using the same amount of electricity.

Almost all modern air conditioners have timers, and you can use those timers to your advantage.

In WA, the key is to take advantage of the Synergy Smart Home Plan that further rewards those who strategically manage their electricity with different rates for different times of the day and week, rather than a flat fee.

According to Synergy’s website, the off-peak charge is about 13c cheaper per unit, so it’s a big saving.

Depending on whether you have solar or not, here’s the best strategy to save money on your bills:

  • Homes with solar: Cool your house earlier in the day (between 10am and 4pm) when solar energy is free by turning your cooling down a few degrees cooler than you normally would. At 4pm, turn the cooling off, and allow the stored cold to discharge over the rest of the evening. Not only is it a more efficient use of your solar, but it means you’re not using your most expensive appliance when everybody else is as they get home from work.
  • Homes without solar: A similar principle to the above, but it’s better to cool your home earlier in the day when it’s not too hot, as opposed to later in the day when demand is higher.

You can use the same approach for other high-consumption parts of your home, like a pool pump for those with a pool.

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