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Introducing new local gas provider for Perth business

Alex Koresis

With COVID-19 impacting businesses worldwide, cutting costs has never been so important. Most business owners are familiar with Alinta and Kleenheat as retailers of gas but now, a local supplier has entered the commercial gas market in WA. Since 2010, Amanda Energy have helped businesses reduce energy costs and now offer significant gas savings for commercial sites.

“We are committed to helping Perth business save on gas”, says Amanda Energy Director, Henry Cooke.

“The big gas companies have enjoyed dominating the market for a long time. We want to reduce the cost of doing business and help business owners survive these tough times.”

As the fourth largest energy retailer in Perth, Amanda Energy have been the quiet achievers in the Western Australian energy market. The process starts with requesting an expert from Amanda Energy to complete a tariff and consumption analysis. A dedicated account manager then prepares tailored prices and advice that can save much more than getting quotes for cost per unit. Many businesses often realise immediate savings between 5% and 35% on their annual gas spend.

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Flexibility is crucial in the current business environment

Perth gas retailers normally have two, or three-year contracts to supply gas for a business.  As we all know, a lot can happen in just a few months so it’s important to understand the contract terms and conditions. For example, minimum and maximum consumption requirements can penalize a business if they don’t meet the contracted levels of consumption. Amanda Energy offers true flexibility that mitigates risk for business owners who are faced with uncertain times given the volatile economic climate. So, there is no contracted minimum or maximum consumption requirements and, the supply term can be flexible.

How can I save on my gas charges?

Now is a great time to find out if your business is getting the best deal on gas. Simply send a recent bill and give consent to Amanda Energy to access data from ATCO who are responsible for the distribution of gas supply in WA.

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Did you know that there are incentives for business to switch to gas powered air conditioning?  Although it is not a renewable energy source, natural gas is much cleaner than oil and coal.

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