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Solar Battery Storage Feasibility for WA Businesses

In a recent revision of the Gencost Report produced by the AEMO and CSIRO, solar PV and wind are now the lowest-cost options for electricity generation. The report also projects that battery storage will have the highest reductions in capital costs over the next two decades. This is crucial to maintain energy security as levels of peak demand have fallen due to the adoption of commercial solar. The decrease in battery storage presents an excellent opportunity for Western Australian businesses to trim their capacity charges and save on electricity costs. However, industry feedback indicates that the initial capital outlay of batteries and the technical limitations of the network infrastructure raises barriers for many Western Australian businesses looking to install energy storage.

Did you know?

Businesses that consume higher amounts of electricity between 4 pm and 8 pm pay more for electricity? Solar battery storage or onsite generators can help alleviate these increased charges.

“There are huge benefits installing battery storage or onsite generators for Perth business”, says Director of Amanda Energy, Henry Cooke. Similar to community batteries, they not only reduce energy costs but they act as contingency power generation during power outages. Also, in industrial areas, businesses that consume large amounts of electricity place pressure on the existing network infrastructure. Batteries and on-site generators can help relieve this pressure and also facilitate the adoption of solar by more businesses in these industrial areas.

Is solar battery storage feasible for business?

Henry Cooke is excited about the possibilities for business and urges firms who operate in industrial areas to consider an analysis and feasibility study of batteries and contingency generators. Mr Cooke says, “Solar batteries are a long-term investment, but it doesn’t suit all types of operations”. Businesses that use power after 4 pm and owners who intend to be working in the business for the next 20 years would benefit the most. Environmentally, solar batteries help to further reduce a firm’s carbon footprint and promote sustainability. Western Australian companies such as WA Salt Supply invested in solar batteries for both economic and environmental reasons, and the benefits are starting to pay off. It’s a great time for businesses to investigate solar battery storage, with Western Power announcing their plan to invest in an additional 50MW of battery storage.

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