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Surviving in the hospitality industry during the pandemic: why now is the time to review your energy costs

With further relaxing of the COVID-19 restrictions on hospitality venues such as hotels, restaurants, and cafes across WA, now may be the perfect time to consider reviewing and comparing your energy provider, according to energy expert Henry Cooke.

During the height of COVID-19 restrictions, you may have been preoccupied with keeping up with changes and working out how best to operate to ensure your business makes it through these challenging times. With restrictions easing over the last few months, it is a good time for Perth businesses to review their energy costs for electricity and gas supply.

Did you know almost a third of an electricity bill is reducible using a variety of strategies? Find out how.

“We have spoken to many hospitality business owners over the past few months and many have told us that the reduced turnover during the height of COVID-19 is still impacting their businesses,” said Henry Cooke.

“Now is as good a time as any to look a little deeper into your business electricity and gas plans and potentially find significant savings.”

“In uncertain times like these, you’ll want to ensure your energy provider is reasonable and understanding.”

Henry said some businesses have been slapped with additional fees for not reaching their minimum consumption requirements so ensuring your energy provider is open to negotiation and flexible is incredibly important.

“Don’t just get an energy price, get good advice.”

What can you do to take action?

  1. Ask for a full analysis of your electricity usage to understand how and when electricity is being consumed. Often, changing times of use or shifting high levels of consumption to an hour earlier or later can lead to savings and reduced electricity rates.
  2. Ask an energy expert to review the analysis and find ways to reduce consumption at particular times, helping to reduce your rates in future.
  3. Act on this advice and be diligent. Some businesses have been able to reduce their power bills by up to 23% just by doing these 3 things.

All businesses in the hospitality sector could benefit from a comprehensive consumption data analysis. Get in touch with the Amanda Energy team today to find out how much you could save.

About Henry Cooke

Henry is a director at Amanda Energy. He has 30-years’ experience owning and operating small businesses in agriculture, retail, property and energy industries in WA. Henry has a Bachelor of Commerce from UWA. His knowledge of a diverse range of machinery and equipment in business gives him grass roots insight as to what levels of power and savings are achievable. He also loves golf and diving.