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Switched-on businesses are saving the environment, the energy grid and money

WA business owners are reporting significant environmental and financial benefits after realising government-owned energy provider Synergy isn’t their only option. While non-contestable WA residential customers are still only able to use Synergy as their energy provider, businesses have much more choice – choice they may not be aware of.

Ryan Ong from Western Australian Veterinarian Emergency & Specialty saves about $10,000 each year after he had an energy analysis on his business. The analysis showed that the combination of solar power and discounted rates meant big savings for his Success vet clinic. Ryan was able to use his energy bill savings to offset the rising costs of everything else. He has been able to keep prices steady for his customers.

Joanne Stevenson from The Black Truffle switched from Synergy nine years ago and hasn’t looked back. Joanne saves 13 per cent on power bills at her North Fremantle café and catering business. She gets a text whenever an energy peak is likely to happen and turns off what power she can. Joanne likes to support local businesses and feels good about helping stabilise the energy grid.

Robust competition in the commercial energy supply market means business owners have a lot of bargaining power. With about 10 energy providers vying for business share, prices have reduced significantly and services have improved.

Energy providers should be talking personally to business owners. Despite the obvious benefits of competition, many businesses are still with Government-owned Synergy and are missing out on great incentives. Business owners complaining about high energy bills, really have no excuse. They shouldn’t just accept it – they need to be proactive.

Business owners should take advantage of individual assessments offered by some energy providers. Instead of a one-size-fits all approach, an individualised assessment will provide the best options for each business, such as electricity, solar, gas or a combination.

A holistic approach also takes into account environmental considerations and energy optimisation. The benefits of a holistic approach include:

  • Financial – business owners can save up to 20 per cent on their power bills.
  • Utilitarian – energy optimisation helps stabilise the energy grid. By reducing energy consumption at peak times, business owners avoid high capacity charges.
  • Environmental – solar panels will reduce the carbon footprint and the cost of energy consumption.

Deryck Calow, from plastics manufacturing company AustraPlas in Cockburn, switched from Perth Energy to Amanda Energy and saved $11,870 over two years. AustraPlas’ plastics machines and heaters use a lot of power. Deryck gets a text at peak consumption times and he powers down. It saves him 18 per cent on power bills. Deryck was so excited with the concept, he encouraged other businesses from his church to make the switch. Most of their savings to go towards the church’s five schools in WA.

Concept Fertility Building and IT Manager Terrence Brownlie saved thousands of dollars for the Class A Hospital after switching from Synergy. Business owners should be savvy and take advantage of the wide range of options available.

The good energy providers will do the diagnostics and provide the best options for each individual business.

Businesses on the Western Power grid can choose their energy provider if their bills are more than $1,250 each month.

While it might seem daunting to switch providers, it really just involves a phone call or email, you can learn more by talking to a member of our team.

Written by Martin Jurat