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The City of Fremantle launches recycling rewards program

The City of Fremantle continues to green the streets of the port city with the launch of a new initiative that rewards people for recycling their waste.

Similar to a traditional vending machine, the Envirobank Reverse Vending Machine (RVM) dispenses reward vouchers for the deposit of empty cans or plastic drink bottles; an initiative that aims to encourage visitors to recycle their waste, promote local businesses and keep the streets of Fremantle clean. Scheduled for launch in July 2015, the Fremantle RVM will be located at the prominent Esplanade Reserve and will dispense vouchers redeemable at local businesses.

Your business can get involved by offering ‘rewards’ to act as incentives for RVM users. Once the can or bottle is deposited, users can choose rewards from a touchscreen and redeem these rewards in store.

For retailers / businesses this is a unique promotional opportunity for your business; increasing visibility, brand recognition and store traffic for just a small discount or offer – much like the ‘shop-a-docket’ concept.

These rewards can be as simple as a discount on a cup of coffee, a two-for-one meal, a bike service, a local experience, a prize / competition entry – anything you have to offer so feel free to be creative.

The City of Fremantle is a proud supporter of plastic-free initiatives, which in recent years has included the successful implementation of the responsible cafes program, ProAcqua water refill stations and public place recycling bins.

The City will also launch a pilot of the FreeWheeler smart phone application in July, which will complement the RVM reward-for- action concept through rewards for public transport use. Registrations of interest in this reward initiative are also welcome.

Please contact The City of Fremantle Sustainability (Strategic) Officer if you’d like to register to offer a reward.

T 08 9432 9735

For more information on Reverse Vending Machines, visit