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The Important Step Business Owners Should Take To Survive The Coronavirus Pandemic

Many business owners are confused and uncertain about how to survive the COVID-19 outbreak, but there are steps they can take to help keep the lights on. Whether a business is thriving or hibernating, now is the time for business owners to objectively look at their expenses.

Now, more than ever, business owners need to strategise and find ways to cut costs while improving efficiency. Every business owner worried about their bills should take action now by switching to better plans.

Business owners need to be proactive and take action to get the best deal. While comparing utility companies might seem daunting, we recommend that businesses get an individualised assessment.

The benefits of these individualised assessments include:

  • Cheaper bills – business owners can save up to 20 per cent on their bills.
  • Customised plans – instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, a smaller energy company can provide the best options for each business, such as electricity, solar, gas or a combination.
  • A personalised service – instead of feeling like a number, smaller energy companies provide support for business owners and their specific needs.

Personalised service, empathy and support are important in times of crisis. We are all in this together. Business owners should not be concerned about their energy supply.

The energy sector had taken steps to ensure energy supplies continue during the COVID-19 pandemic. The WA energy industry has well-established risk management, emergency management and business continuity plans, which are regularly tested. The Australian Energy Regulator has also called for energy companies to minimise the frequency and duration of planned outages for critical works and to provide as much notice as possible for businesses to manage any disruptions.

The Australian Government is also providing additional support for employers and companies.

The WA Government is providing $114 million in measures to support small and medium business with grants and payroll tax relief.

The Australian Government’s business hotline will give more support to small and medium businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Visit or call 13 28 46.

The Small Business Development Corporation has created a COVID-19 assistance centre. Email or call 133 140.

Written by Henry Cooke