Solar PPA (Power Purchase Agreements)

Amanda Energy guarantees your clean solar energy generated and consumed on site is 10% cheaper.

A 30kW solar system saves about 38.5 tonnes of CO² per year! Amanda Energy is the leader in solar innovation in Western Australia. The Amanda Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) guarantees that the clean energy generated and consumed on your site will be 10% cheaper than your electricity price.


Amanda Energy Innovation.

Amanda Energy offers business across Australia an innovative way to install solar to reduce and fix their electricity costs. A Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) relieves the need for you to provide any upfront capital in accessing the benefits of solar power for your business.


Amanda Energy Guarantee.

Amanda Energy farms the sunshine that falls on your roof or ground. The ownership and cost of the design, installation and maintenance of the solar generator is covered by Amanda for the term of the agreement. You purchase the solar electricity generated at the site at a price that always remains 10% lower than your normal electricity price*.


*To be eligible for Solar PPA the business will need to own the premises or have a long-term leave. If the premise are leased, the property owner will be required to give their consent.


6 simple steps to a better bottom line.

With your consent, Amanda Energy will download your past electricity use and match your consumption profile with the available roof or ground space. We will then deliver a proposal for the most suitable solar system and calculate your expected savings.



Amanda Energy works to the Clean Energy Council best practice guidelines in the design, component selection and installation of your Tier 1 commercial quality solar generator.

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