Bridgetown IGA

Fast Facts

The Company:  The Stables IGA – Bridgetown, Western Australia


The Challenge: To deliver Bridgetown IGA a faultless electricity supply as the company was suffering repeated outages due to heavy demand and large consumption.

The Approach: To upgrade the existing system with the installation of solar panels on the IGA rooftop and committing the company to the DSM program to guarantee electricity whilst reducing their environmental footprint. IGA was limited in its usage of fridges and ovens due to continual maximum demand requirement. This affected trade and often resulted in loss of produce.


The Solution:  To provide Bridgetown IGA with the backup power generation needed during outages to ensure a reliable electricity supply 24/7 and a 40kW solar system to supply daytime power to the store. 

“Since signing with Amanda Energy I can have peace of mind knowing when there is an outage, we are covered. The solar has already saved us thousands.”


The Results:  Since the installation of DSM and solar, Bridgetown IGA have suffered no losses and have been cash positive since day one. The upgrade has allowed The Stables to update their ovens and fridges and expand their business. 

“We joined the solar program early in 2015 and have been saving since day one. Amanda Energy has taken the stress away from electricity. We are always covered and are now helping reduce the environmental impact through our solar.
Maurice Owen, Owner


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